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This unit was about how to structure a class and the various types of teaching styles that are most commonly used. It went further into briefly explaining how each structure worked and examples of the pros and cons of each. It the main idea was to enlighten the reader about what styles may fit their personality more or less than others. It was a way to get the reader to think about how they wanted to structure their class and how it might look. It was also aiming to give ideas of how to teach, activities, and ways to engage students. Overall, I would say the content was to give us different methods and activities so we had something to draw from when we teach in class. About half of it was examples of activities, ways to structure lessons, and how to give feedback without destroying the student's self-esteem. I learned that there are many ways to structure a class and that I like ESA, PPP, and Suggestopaedia as ways to teach.