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The first time I heard the words ?Planning lesson? I completely assumed that it needed to be necessarily the script of a lesson, and that it also needed to include the pauses, breaths and stops of the teacher. Nevertheless, after having read all this extremely important information, now I know that the best about planning lessons is the flexibility that it allows you to have. Plus, now I can say that I am confident about lesson planning because I know that there is no an specific scheme to follow.This unit gave me a perspective into how even small differences in body language, eye contact, or the simple act of sitting or standing can influence the dynamics of a class. One thing that I came to understand in the lesson is the large number of factors that play into classroom dynamics, and adjusting to those dynamics will largely depend on the kind of class that I end up getting. This is more of a hands-on learning experience that will become more ingrained as I get to apply it to an actual class.