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I found this section confusing and difficult. I will have to revisit the material several times to remember all the rules and have a complete understanding of how I use the concepts everyday in conversation and writing. I wish there were more concrete examples to build from and a consistency on each tense. I feel that some of the tenses were interchangeable, but with hard work and repetition I will be successful in my endeavor. As a native speaker, I've forgotten the foundations of the why, what, and how of the english language.This unit was focused on the types of books that would be used in the classroom. There are multiple types of materials that can be used in the classroom that each have advantages and disadvantages. Many factors come in to play when determining what types of materials to use, but the biggest thing to keep in mind when deciding what material to use for your students is the students themselves, and as such even course books should be looked at with scrutiny to decide what activities will work for your students and which ones won't.