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A sentence can consist many words, and each word plays a different role. Separating each word into different categories can be difficult, because there are just so many rules and classifications. Nouns are properly one of the easiest to deal with, because it is something we can feel, see or touch. Pronouns are basically words replacing nouns with a small twist. Verbs are actions that humans are familiar with. Adjectives are words describing nouns. Adverbs adds more meaning to an action. Prepositions are properly the most difficult, because there is no uniformity. Conjunctions are words connecting words or groups of words together. Gerunds are verbs ending with -ing taht can be used as a noun. Articles determines if the noun is any member of a group, or a specific member of a group. All of these categories only scratch the surface of English grammar. They can be broken down into smaller subcategories.