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In this unit we looked at model auxiliary verbs, the passive and active voice, phrasal verbs and relative clauses. The unit went to to discuss how each are used and which situation they would most likely be used in. I learnt the basic rules of model auxiliary verbs, which when used would sound more polite, which expresses uncertainty and which expresses certainty. I learnt how to change an active phrase into a passive one and the appropriate structure I should use with the corresponding tense.The introduction of new vocabulary is something that every teacher has to learn how to incorporate into their lesson plans. This lesson was very helpful in addressing some concerns I had about teaching vocabulary. I was not sure about some parts of the lesson and I think I may need to review this some time again in the future to really make sure everything is solidified in my mind. I think it is beneficial to see the different types of activities that work best for each part of the lesson though.