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I have dealt extensively in teaching children so this section was actually more helpful to me concerning the adult teaching, particularly business English. I found the script and idea of the needs analysis particularly useful. The needs analysis is not an english test, but shows what areas and what things the students expect to learn. After all, meeting the clients needs is the number one priority. There is also a continuous emphasis not to use the mother tongue to assist teaching in this section. I will remember that as it seems that it can actually be a detriment to the students.This unit gives an overview of the present tense which includes: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. It covered the various forms of each tense including affirmative, negative and question examples. It also discussed under what circumstances each tense should be used and gave typical student errors and activate stage teaching ideas. After completing this lesson it is clear that as a teacher I must have a sound and fluent understanding of these tenses as there are many intricate details and exceptions that students may not understand.