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I spend some time considering the goal and target language for each lesson. I find this is important for me to visualize how I will teach the lesson. Visualization allows me to go through the lesson, figure out what I'll need to teach it, and how to pull and tie things together in a fun way. My structure has a beginning, middle, and an end and within that simple structure, I pattern my teaching and stick to it. Structure, I find, helps me teach. As I like to begin and end my lessons on a high note, I begin and end my lessons with a song. I find that teaching songs the children would enjoy helps to build their self-esteem and confidence in participating in drills and activities. I usually call upon some of the more rambunctious children in my classes to join me at the front of the classroom when we sing. They get a kick out of it and so do I while it serves to encourage the shier ones to join along.