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Unit 9 built upon the ESA methodology that was introduced in Unit 3 by providing guidance for planning lessons. Good lesson plans focus on the objectives (both for the learners and the ways in which the teacher would like to improve) and allow for flexibility. They also provide a helpful record, assuming any adjustments are documented, which can be a resource for referral later and for other teachers. Thinking ahead for possible problems and solutions for those problems can be a helpful part of the lesson planning, particularly for new teachers.This unit not only highlights the main functions of a lesson plan but provide a very specific example of a completed plan. It was extremely helpful to see how a lesson incorporates the phases used throughout the courses: Engage, Study, and Activate. For the first time I was able to actually see how the timing of these phases might look in an actual plan. The type of material aids presented have been presented in previous units but, again, it was very helpful to see detailed examples. Some of them are worthy of reproduction in my own classroom!