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gives a thorough introduction to two important grammar subjects that are commonly taught in the English language classroom. The video clearly explains the structures and usages of the five conditionals that are covered, as well as providing some useful teaching ideas that can be used in the classroom. The second section of the video looks at the subject of reported speech. In this section the video explains the most important aspects of the subject such as the contrasts between direct and reported speech, as well as providing further teaching ideasThere were two aspects of this unit that I found helpful: (1) considering the level of teacher control in in the different sections of the lesson; and (2) considering how to modify common games to be useful in the ESL classroom environment. (1) I think that being more intentional in the level to which I'm controlling my classes would be beneficial. (2) Though I was able to come up with creative modifications for the games to make them ESL-applicable, I think that I will also investigate ESL game resources to further stimulate my creative juices.