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In unit eight we looked at the future tense. We looked at the future simple, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous tenses and ?going to? future tense. We also looked at how the present simple and present continuous tenses can be used in the future tense. For each tense, we looked at the form the tense takes on in the affirmative, negative and question for each tense. We also looked at the usages for each tense, the typical errors learners tend to make and some ideas as to how to practice each tense in a classroom setting.This unit has taught me the different methodologies of teaching English as a foreign language and which methodology is more appropriate for students with differing language skills. No matter which method is chosen, three factors should be incorporated ie Engage, Study , Activate. Within the ESA, the teacher may use the 'straight arrow', the 'boomerang' or the 'patchwork' pathways depending on students' capabilities. This unit has also taught me the techniques of correcting a student in a way we don't demotivate the student but convey the learning.