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This lesson help teachers to choose the right course materials to teach. The materials include authentic material, creative material or course books. The teaching material should include all type of material depend on the situation and students' level. There are advantages and disadvantages in each kind of material; therefore, teacher should carefully choose material that fit the level of student as well as interesting topics. I would like to choose a course book as a main text book and have supplement material to support the teaching lessons.I understand everything in this unit regards to conditionals, direct/ indirect speech and time expression, I'm just battling to explain it. I tried out the split sentences for conditionals with my class and it worked like a charm, I found it alot easier to use that method to explain to them the difference forms of conditionals. The example table for direct speech and reported speech was a little easier to explain with the third party example. I learnt alot with the given teaching ideas, and the selection of ideas for different levels of students.