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This was a challenging unit for me. I've been associated with pronunciation in my teaching, but certainly not on this level. The emphasis on sounds, stress and articulation was very instructive, however the phonology, itself, was difficult. The phonetic symbols were quite tricky! I tend to think I may emphasize pronunciation issues as they arise in class, unless this is an area that needs special attention. In that case, I may choose to spontaneously embark on specific rules that pertain to the lesson at hand.When teaching new language I must keep in mind that students need to be able to understand the meaning, how to use the new language correctly, how to spell and pronounce the new vocabulary and how the new language fits into grammatical structures. When teaching grammatical structures, lots of 'activate' components are beneficial to help students work out how to use the new language in context. A point to consider is, students need to be made aware of the differencess between spoken and written English (if any).