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So this unit talked about conditionals, so when saying if something happens or doesn't happen this will result in something else happening. There are 5 different types of conditional clauses, from zero condition (it will happen) to mixed, which combine the second and third conditional clauses. The teaching ideas for how to teach this was useful as these can get confusing for the students. Also talking about reported and direct speech, and how you change certain aspects of that depending on when it is delivered.In this unit, all the teachers can see a lot of classroom management systems. The teacher have learned which types of group works are appropriate with their target subject area and what kinds of seating plan make them easier to check the students. And also the teachers have learned what time Teacher Talking Time is important and what time TTT makes the students feel bored. In addition, I have realized how much eye contact, gesture and voice are also important to the teachers. This unit gives me a lot of profit.