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In this unit, I learned about teaching pronunciation and phonology. First, the unit introduced intonation, which carries the message of the sentence. Next, it described how depending on where in the sentence a stress is placed, the meaning of the sentence changes. Then, I learned about how some sounds change when combined when speaking, which is known as sound joining. Next, the phonemic alphabet was presented, which is a useful guide to pronunciation. Then, the unit discussed articulation and how sounds are achieved. Finally, pronunciation teaching techniques were presented.This unit is about the conditionals and the reported speech. Generally, learners find difficulties to assimilate these topics, especially the reported speech because of the many changes that occur within the sentence (verb tenses, pronouns, time expression...). This is why teachers should go slowly, step by step, and use funny tasks so that the students can practise and remember the use of the reported speech. I find interesting the teaching ideas suggested in this unit because they can guide a teacher to think about the possible exercices on conditionals and reported speech.