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Unit 15 is about evaluation and testing. It looks at different ways of evaluating students' level and progress as well as some common external exams that English language teachers may need to prepare their students for. It also looks at how each individual test is structured, its specific purpose and when it should be employed. I've learnt that ongoing feedback, especially when its done openly, goes a long way in providing students with information they need to evaluate their own level and progress.In this unit we continued from the last unit to see what are the common problems situation we would come across in a classroom and how we can solve them. We learnt the do's and dont's of a first class . The importance of warmers. What do we expect in large classes and how do we solve those issues. Issues related to having students with different levels of english and some tips to handle them. Use of native language, reluctant students, difficulties of audio texts are some of other issues we saw.