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Equipment and teaching aid lesson has enriched me a lot on the various teaching materials required in a classroom and how to use them effectively. some of the equipment include, white/black boards,interactive white boards,overhead projectors,worksheets and cards,CDs,DVDs, cassettes,video cameras,dictionaries,computers,course books, resource books dictionaries just to name a few.it is not important just to know these equipment but how to use them effectively in class is of paramount importance.Warmer games on the first day is helpful to get to know your students on the first day. For example, hangman, pictionary, and memory games can work to break the ice for good conversions. Large class can be hard for teachers, so try using worksheets, pair work, choral repetition can help keep students on task. Also different levels of students can be difficult, but using different materials, different tasks, and pairing strong students with weaker ones can be helpful to overcome these problems.