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This unit focuses on the receptive skills reading and listening. There are many reasons for reading and listening, and they can be put into two main categories: for a purpose and for entertainment. Reading presents fewer problems than listening because it?s captured and students can go back to it for reference. One of the most important things to consider when designing a lesson plan is the topic. Find a topic that interests the students so that they are more likely to participate and will retain the information better.I've learnt once again all present tense in a brief and very concentrated \"unit\". I've got a perspective on what was essential and the most important about these tenses and how to present them in a classroom. It was very useful to recollect present tenses for myself, they are very popular in spoken English. And I loved not typical examples of usage present tenses, for example, \"she is putting make-up on her face every coupe of hours\" (as a habit/trait that is pertain to her personality and ingrained in her lifestyle).