TESOL Qingdao

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T.W. – U.S.A. said:
This unit focused on the productive skills of speaking and writing. As for speaking we learned that we speak out of a need or desire, and that accuracy and fluency are both equally important in teaching but accuracy will be more reserved for study phases while fluency is more a part of activate phases. Fluency activities can be further divided into controlled, guided, and creative activities. There may be several hurdles to getting students speaking, but the teacher's job is to create the need and desire to communicate by generating interest. Giving the students a comfortable atmosphere in the classroom through the use of pair work and group work, guided practice and purposeful activities will all help increase the students confidence to use the language. Writing focused activities will deal with handwriting, spelling, punctuation, situational writing (like e-mails or formal letters) or creative writing (stories, dialogues, poetry). Sample ESA lessons were given for both skills were provided and we also touched on the use of games in the classroom. Games provide an opportunity for useful, controlled practice as well as include an element of fun for the student.