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it has been an eye opening unit into the extent of which foreign language students are tested. Whilst i appreciate the needs for testing within a school environment i do not believe it to teach the true nature of English. the danger is that students in reality are just becoming repetitive robots and effectively having to jump through hoops to prove that they are worthy of their certificate, when realistically they are probably perfect at conversing with a native English speaker; and that's something that you cannot teach.In this unit I learned about how to teach pronounciation. The various types of stress and intonation were introduced. The phonetic alphabet and active examples were given for consonants, vowels and diphthongs. The various parts of the mouth were diagrammed, described in detail, and examples for each portion of the mouth that the tongue strikes during various letters was explained. Practice examples were given for place of articulation and manner of articulation. Also, learning activities for students was also explained.