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Pronunciation and phonology are the areas of teaching that are addressed in Unit 13. Three patterns of intonation are described: the rise/fall, the fall/rise and flat. The basic rules of stress in sentence and word stress are also explain in this unit. The international phonemic alphabet is a useful tool for teaching and studying English. Articulation part of Unit 13 is about the speech organs, places of articulation, manners of articulation. Indicating and teaching techniques are recommended.The definition of classroom management is being the skill of organizing the class individual within students in that class and work place in that class. There are three main things to help for managing the class; eye contact, voice, and gesture. Three types of grouping arrangement are whole group type, individual type, and pair-work type. There are several ideas to reduce the teacher talk time; use name and gesture and picture, use language at students' level, and avoid jargon and elaboration.