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This Unit was a nice refresher into all the grammar rules that most typically forget when English is your native tongue. It was very informative. Again, like I did with the present tense verbs, I liked that this lesson shared typical errors students new to the English language make. It allows me to draw conclusions between the English language and other languages spoken throughout the world. Crucial if you're going to be teaching English to classroom full of people that have rarely spoken English beforehand.The title of this unit is equipment and teaching aid. In this lesson I learned the various teaching aids which can be used to make lessons more impactful, effective and enjoyable. Some of the learning aids include; White/black board, visual aids, Videos and DVDs Video camera, Course books, Dictionaries, computers, Cassette recorder and online resources. This lesson was particularly interesting because the usage of these equipments were explained. I particularly enjoyed this unit because it was straight forward.