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This unit described ways in which teachers can make their lessons more interesting by utilising various teaching tools aside textbooks. These include white/blackboards, IWB, OHP, Visual and hearing aids, dictionaries and more. It is important for teachers to understand the advantages and disadvantages for each tool and be use the most effective tool for their lessons. In order for the lessons to be stimulating and keep the students engaged, it is essential for teachers to vary the usage of these tools for maximum effect.No matter how well prepared a lesson can it be, always' good to be flexible when a problem arises in the classroom. Listen and watch how the flow of the lessons go with all the students (the weak, the strong, the lazy, etc) in a period of time and see what elements can be incorporated to sort out any inconveniences. Maybe some topics can be taught in a more fun way, while others need more time to accomplish. No matter how good a teaching technique can be; if the students struggle learning with it, it's time to switch it.