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In this unit we have learned about modals,pharsal verbs and passive voice.Also we have examined model auxiliary verbs and basic rules,with examples and usage together with teaching ideasand commom student errors.We have also learned Passive voic;how to change sentences from active to passive voice including their forms and usage.Secondly,we have learned Relative clause in three categories which include ;Dependent clause ,Independent clause and Relative clause.Furthermore we have learned Phrasal verbs;definition,,examples and the three basic types.Like the previous lesson, it's the labeling of the tenses that can put a student off. Most people can understand that the past can stand still or be continuous in action. But, it is the use of these specific tenses that communicates a complete idea or picture of what actually happened. It makes our descriptions of past events more precise, giving the other a fuller understanding. I can see that these tenses would present a problem for speakers of other languages that do not carry this precision this far. These tenses help to perfect communication.