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This would be the most familiar topic to me so far. I have been one of those teachers that has created many of my own materials because a lot of the course books are just not relevant or only cover a very broad audience. It's good to know that other people also do this and not only me. It is a very time consuming task but I often find well worth the extra work. This unit talks about the types of materials available and what to consider when investing in them and the relevance to students.This unit demonstrates the various methods to teach in a classroom setting. Engage, study, and activate are ways that give the teacher a great deal of flexibility in the classroom. Also, giving feedback is to encourage self-awareness and improvement.and there are many ways on when and how to correct students. I learned a lot on different ways that I can engage and activate with the students by creating games, activities, communication drills, etc., so I won't fall into the same daily routine.