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L.B. - Japan said:
This section is devoted to class management during the lesson. This is the teacher's talk, the work of the students. I liked the topic of discipline in class. The problem of discipline in the class is of concern to many - both beginners and teachers with experience. If you manage the class correctly, then in the class: Pupils devote more time to studying - the teacher does not distract himself from remarks to students, to various retreats, he does not have a late start of the lesson because of the inability to reassure the children. One of the most important tasks of management is to increase the net time of the learning process itself; The main tasks in relation to students: ? Develop faith in success. ? Consider mistakes as normal and necessary. ? Pay attention to past successes ? Make learning process tangible ? Recognize and see the achievements of everyone. ? Teach children to manage their own activities. Teacher in class must use encouraging words and soft intonations, melodious speech, correctness of calls, open posture and friendly facial expressions in communication.