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The focus of this unit is some different teaching theories and methodologies. The part I found particularly useful was the explanation of the ESA system, this system provides a good starting point for planning a lesson which of course can be changed/expanded at a later date. The ideas given for each stage of the ESA system are also very useful and I plan to use some of these ideas in the near future. I also found the details of when to give feedback and the ways in which to get feedback very useful.It was very helpful and released time of learning because it is very stressful to think how to teach students to an inexperienced teacher like me. It was very helpful to know how to plan to teach. Also, some example of plan sheet and exercise sheet were very helpful to check in real materials. It may still difficult for me to plan all out, but as it said that there is no perfect way to do. It depends on the teacher's own way to create. I will remember this and try to create my own ones for teaching.