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It is interesting that \"have got to\" is sorted as Modal Verb here. It is hard to find that any other text books and supplements. Sometimes, Students are confused which verbs can be used as Passive voice because already some verbs intend passive meanings. Relative clauses have to be explained well because defining and non-defining relative clauses are having slightly different meanings and points. Phrasal verbs are hardest to students because a place of the object, object phrase or object pronoun is different by using which type of Phrasal verbs.In this unit i have learnt different teaching ideas of conditionals. In my understanding there is five main conditionals. They are, zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and mixed conditional. There are very common mistakes with conditionals. Most of the students find then first and second conditionals more challenging then the others. Similar problems occur with 3rd and mixed conditionals as well. Therefore in order to avoid those misconceptions i will use the teaching ideas that has been shown in this unit.