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This unit tells about different types of tests a teacher may be expected to set students during their career as an English language teacher. It looks at how each individual test is structured, its specific purpose and when it should be employed. Also tells about external examinations that students may work towards during their language studies. It covers certain specific categories that teachers might encounter such as business related English examinations and academic qualifications that are necessary to gain entry into universities or colleges.The two productive skills are speaking and writing, they both are used for the same purpose - to communicate. For writing, we'd like to leave it for homework. This is not to say writing is not important. However, writing requires a greater degree of accuracy. When speaking, we can understand the meaning from the speaker's body language, and facial expressions. So speaking requires much more of fluency rather than accuracy. Therefore, Accuracy activities are usually part of the study phase, fluency activities are usually part of the activate phase.