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This unit has a lot of information. It talks about modal verbs, passive tense, and transitive verbs. I never realized how difficult transitive and intransitive words were to understand - even as a native. I liked the suggestion to simply have students memorize the transitive verbs since that is how natives learn them. I especially like the list of modal verbs that were listed in the lesson. The list gives a great list to go off for creating curriculum for my classes.ACTUALLY I HAVE LEARNED ABOUT ADVANTAGES OF TEACHING EXISTING GROUP.JUST FOR THE FACT THAT EXITING STUDENTS HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR SOME TIME AND HAVE OPPORTUNITIES OF COMMUNICATING TOGETHER GIVES A GREAT CHANCE TO THE TEACHER TO MAKE HIS LESSONS EASY AND UNDERSTANDING TO THE STUDENTS.STABLISHING RAPPORT AND USING NATIVE LANGUAGE IN CLASS WAS WHAT I GOT ME SURPRISE .i THOUGH WHEN TEACHING,YOU CAN USE NATIVE LANGUAGE SOMETIMES WHEN STUDENT FIND DIFICULTIES IN UNDERSTANDING.