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The teacher's attitude is so important as the first video shows, due to the teacher's behaviour and unfriendliness and not giving the students a clear explanation of the lesson point (modal auxiliary verbs). The students were confused and did not want to answer any questions as they were afraid of being intimidated, because the teacher kept saying how easy the lesson was. The teacher should have used examples of modal auxiliary verbs to show what he was looking for rather than expecting the students to instantly understand.This unit was help to explain the different types of classes that a TEFL teacher may encounter. I think I would enjoy teaching children and most, as I enjoy keeping the atmosphere fun and lively. I think that teaching individual students would be very rewarding, as you would develop a close relationship with your student and grow as a teacher. I think that teaching Business Students would be a great challenge, however I think that the tips and teaching ideas in this unit provide an excellent foundation from which to learn.