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C.Z. - China said:
There are four basic skills in any language; receptive skills - reading and listen, and productive skills - speaking and writing. This unit focuses on the receptive skills. It divides the reasons and motives for reading and listening into two categories. One is for purpose and the other is for entertainment. The unit explains that reading and listening are not simply matters for eyes and ears but also involve using our minds to understand words and process them in our pre-existent knowledge in order to grasp their meaning. Understanding of the context while reading or listening depends then on expertise in areas such as predictive skills, specific or detailed information, general idea, and deduction from context. As teaching and learning receptive skills presents some problems mainly in connection with the language contained in the text, the teacher should use of appropriate approach to deal with these languages difficulties. Good example of ways to deal with language difficulties are pre-teaching vocabulary and careful selection of text.