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Conditionals and reported speech is best taught in high levels of English learning so there might be a chance that the teacher may or may not discuss this topic depending on class and what should be catered to the students' needs. If teaching a high level class, conditionals and reported speech is something that will have to be practiced repetitively with the help of split sentences, allow students to complete the conditional, chain conditionals with pairs, asking real brain twisting questions, or persuasive role playing using second conditional.This unit is amazing. Give us overview on what we can face during teaching first lessons, how to manage class if students are on different level, what can be potential problem for shy students and how to engage them in lesson. How to approach reluctant students, what to avoid in using student native language and difficulties with listening that has major point in unit 11. Good overview of all in general with giving us hands up on few things. I really love it and than you so much for all these materials, support and guides during teaching process.