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In this unit I learned the all the different types of present tenses. There are four types of present tense; present simple,present prefect,present continuous, and present prefect continuous. As a native speaker of English I use these tenses with ease and often little thought, yet, a student can easily become confused by present tense due to the fact that many language only have a few tenses. It`s important that I have a good understanding of present tense, and all English tenses, as students will often need a lot of help mastering English tense.Engaging students who are working at different levels is a challenge for any teacher. This challenge is heightened when the teacher may not even speak the collective language of the students. Presented here are some ways that I could tackle the issue. The ideal situation would be that all students are engaged however at high school level in particular that is highly unlikely. The communicative approach means that the students are always encouraged to try and use English and to not revert back to their native language which is always a temptation.