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Teaching special groups is a very needfull unit. When you dream about working as a teacher, you just see everything in positive and happy way. But this profession is one of the important and full of responsibilities. A good teacher everytime cares about does she or he teach well? Does she or he give an enough knowledge about the language? Does she or he do everything right? So, the unit 19 gives a full information for teacher about with whom exactly should work, what challenges should wait, and what to do that your work would be more progressive and correct.This is a last grammar unit that covers modal auxiliary verbs, the passive voice, phrasal verbs, and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs can have similar meaning but are used in different situations. For passive voice, the tense of a sentence remains same, except the auxiliary verb ?be? is added. Relative clauses can be categorized into two groups: defining and non-defining. Examples are given to differentiate these two clauses in the unit. Lastly, I have learnt the three basic types of phrasal verbs and some teaching ideas to improve my lesson.