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Amongst the tenses the Future Tense is complex, as there are many different tenses which can be used to convey future ideas / meanings. Of the seven tenses the Be Going + infinitive and the present continuous tense are more frequently used. It was interesting to note the usage of present tenses which also have future meanings. The Teaching ideas definitely provide a great guideline which can be used for preparing lesson plans prior to classes. As a native english speaker this was not an extremely challenging area for me to grasp.I felt this unit to be extremely informative and an excellent teaching tool. I first learned about the various methods and theories on how to teach a foreign language. The ESA model of teaching, in which this course is based on was also introduced in more depth. The three main stages of the model (Engage, Study and Activate) were explained. Additionally, different examples and techniques were given on how to carry out each stage. Finally, this lesson covered correction techniques as well as when is it most appropriate to use them.