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For this unit, we go over the conditionals and reported speech. For the conditionals, we understand that in each there is a consequence of the conditional whether it be hypothetical or not. With reported speech, this can get very confusing for the students especially when speaking about the different type expressions. I found this unit to be slightly confusing in terms of the time expressions because I had never thought about how I report various things if they had happened in the past.This unit gave me a great understanding of how and why classrooms were always setup the way they were when I was in school! A great amount of information was provided in this unit, and it gave me many ideas of how to structure the physical classroom itself! Not only that, but it gave me an idea of how I want to, and should carry myself out as a teacher to ensure that the students will stay engaged and included. Definitely another unit I will probably refer to once I start out on my own!