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I have gained the knowledge of how essential the attitude of teacher is with regard to manage the class effectively. After watching the two videos comparing how the teacher took the class, the teacher?s behavior, techniques to enhance students? attention and participation to the lessons and the use of appropriate teaching methods and ideas play an important role of successful teaching each. Due to the comparison of the two videos, I get realized what I have to apply and avoid in teaching.In this Unit, I have learnt about common problem situations. There are various ways of teaching new and existing groups. Typical warmer ideas include- Hangman, Pictionary, Tongue twisters, Memory Games. Large classes can present the teacher with a number of problems from trying to involve pupils equally to classroom control. It can be done by use worksheets, pair and group work, Clarity, Choral repetition, Appoint group leaders, Dynamics. There are various ways of teaching reluctant students.