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The first part of the unit describes the five main conditionals, their forms and usage. Authors warn the reader about typical errors students make learning conditionals. The second part is about changing the direct speech into reported. The table of how verb tenses change is very useful. The authors give examples of how other parts of speech may need to be changed. The video expands this list. Both parts contain the section on teaching ideas. As usual, the unit ends with the task sheet that helps to check the understanding of the material and prepares the readers for the test.This lesson introduced me to the Basic Language Skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing, though it was focused on the Receptive skills. Of interest to me was the Predictive Skills. Prior to this lesson I did not know the difference between scanning (looking for something specific) and skimming (listening for the gist). I also learned an excellent teaching task called Jigsaw Reading. Jigsaw Reading occurs when students are placed in pairs and swap reading parts of the information. This lesson has really assisted me in understanding what my students will need from me.