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This unit provides examples of both accuracy and fluency activities, and explains that though it is important to be accurate, especially when it comes to grammar and spelling, fluency of the language is as equally important in that it shows that the students have a good grasp on the communication aspect of learning a language. Creative writing activities and games do have their place in the classroom, and it was interesting to see how the familiar games of my childhood can be used today to learn languages if modified slightly.Upon reflection this unit, Future Tenses, added another layer of understanding as to what a teacher of English will encounter when teaching non-English students. While reviewing the form and usages for the tenses was very beneficial, I found the examples of common mistakes very insightful. Also, this unit also highlighted the areas which I must continue to refine. Specifically, I will utilize the teaching ideas discussed in order to perfect my own knowledge base in order to have the confidence and credibility to teach others.