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In watching the two videos I learned the importance of having a good attitude when teaching. Students are easily affected by the way a teacher approaches a lesson, so if I want my students to be more active and interested in the lesson it is important to be positive and bright. Also, it is good to speak in a more slow and concise way so students are better able to understand what you are saying. It is also important to make sure the students know what you are teaching rather than just throwing out random terms and vocabulary to your students.This unit was very useful because I could study better the phonemic alphabet again and work with my students on different sounds and pronunciation of individual words. It is very important how we use the techniques of teaching pronunciation and phonology because the understanding and comprehension of any speech or statement depends most of the times on how the speaker says the words . It is a hard topic but as educators we can make a fun part of teaching a second /foreign language. Differences between languages , pronunciation and phonetics.