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Unit 5 is a difficult one, in my opinion. It touches such topic like psychology. The one who decides to work with big a audience need to know basic points of it for sure, to know how to make the atmoshere in a class warm and comfortable for students and himself/herself. Once it's not - lessons become less productive and students could lose an interest to a subject. This unit shows on which aspects you should pay attention to, and what you should not do, unless you want to ruin the learning processAS the correction part has taught recently, mistakes and errors are not the same. Meanwhile, I got a little bit confused among the new methods and techniques which really do help as to plan a lesson as to follow it. Knowing and keeping the end and the beginning of a new stage as engage, study, activate, is the heart of teaching. Never mix, change or forget any of the stages form ESA. Also, give feedback. I learnt how much important it is because that is the only way learning what to do better next.