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Unit 16 was about conditionals and reported speech. I learned that conditionals are sentences containing \"if\". I also learned that there are five main types of conditionals. I think that these may be difficult to teach because of the different tenses that need to be used for each conditional. The teaching ideas the unit gave will help with the difficulty. I also learned about reported speech and direct speech, which I think will also be difficult to teach because of the word tense changes.this unit focused on the future tenses: the future simple, the future continuous, the future perfect, the future perfect continuous, the 'be going' + infinitives, as well as the ways the the present simple and the present continuous can be used to express ideas in the future. The video for this unit actually followed the written materials. It made it so much easier to follow along with the written materials while watching the video. I think all of the materials should follow this pattern.