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I have learned in this section the both listening and reading are both equally as important when comes to developing receptive skills. There are multiple ways of both listening and reading also, such as scanning, skimming, predicting, deductions from contexr and seaching for detailed information. In most cases reading and listening are performed mostly by one pf two, or both motives. Those are either for a specific purpose or for entertainment. Reading and listening are part of the the receptive skills category and are equally just as important as speaking and writing.This Lesson Planning unit has shown me how to organize classroom procedures in a rational manner to obtain both learner objectives and personal aims without becoming too inflexible in the process. Although I was initially anxious about time management, this chapter has stimulated my creativity to think of multiple ways to present content in the engage, study, and activate phases so as not to run out of material, as well as accommodate any rollover content into the next lesson. I also think that the self-evaluation cheat sheet will help me improve my performance faster.