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In this unit we have covered types of classroom arrangements and classroom management, for the classroom arrangements we have gone over different ways of setting up the classroom, pros and cons for each setup and what makes them work, for classroom management we have gone over the six aspects that we need to be aware of when organizing and preparing our lessons, from who we will be teaching to how many and the size and material of the classroom. This unit particularly has been very beneficial for me teaching in a school.This unit included all the helpful information that we may need along the way when teaching English as a foreign language. It included tips for dealing with first lessons, including creating a rapport with your students and introducing yourself to an existing class. This unit also covers how to deal with large classes, techniques for how to deal with overcrowded classrooms and how to keep the disciline in such a situation. It also covers the use of native language by the students and when and how to deal with this usage.