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Very useful unit about equipment and teaching aids. High level of internet penetration throughout the world made it very easy to obtain any supportive and other types of teaching materials from anywhere in the world. This unit gives a lot of good online resources for teaching and learning English. Also gives very good advice on when and how to correctly use certain teaching equipments. Obviously, these days some types of equipment is not being used due to technology advancement, but the general guidance that is given in the unit is still useful.Student behavior reflects the likely consequence of the psychological consequences of the structure and configuration of the class activities and the approach of the teacher. Managing and organizing the class can either favor or shape learning from its impact on student buy-in and understanding of the process. In the same way, to lead students they must respect you and hold your authority in high esteem. The more that they see evidence of your respect for them paired with a clear pathway forward, a teacher can help prevent difficult behavior.