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This was a very interesting unit as it showed a real classroom setting. It painted a good picture of how a classroom will be like during the teaching career and how to avoid certain mistakes that the teacher made in the first video. There was a significant change of attitude in the second video and I personally found it to be more engaging. It is evident in the second video that the teacher had prepared material and had planned the lesson before hand. There was no communication problem between the students and the teacher in the second video which proves that his technique was good.This unit focuses on the many forms of past tense in English. I found this unit to be easier to follow than present tense teachings, though I am not sure if it is because of practice with present tense or not. The past perfect continuous seems like a very interesting concept that I would not normally realize was used so rarely. It often seemed unnecessary to use this tense, when the same information could be given with a simpler sentence structure. Regardless, I believe past tense teachings may be easier to successfully teach than some of the other lessons I've encountered thus far.