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Unit 18, teaches about modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. here are two voices used in English. The active voice and the passive voice. The passive voice is formed as follows: Auxiliary verb \"be\" + past participle. it is most frequently used when it is not known or we don't want to say exactly who performed an action. Relative clauses : A clause is a group ofwords containing a subject and a verb. There are 3 clauses namely Independent clauses, dependent clauses and relative clauses.What I felt was most important from this unit was the ability to be flexible. Flexibility allows you to adapt to your classroom and students. The ability to plan out a semester or year long lesson plan and be able to adjust because the students enjoyed the subject. Or because you feel that they need more time to fully understand something is very important. What that will do is lower your rapport with the students and from that it will become much harder to connect with them and teach them.