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I have learned a great deal on classroom management. I do not have experience as a teacher in a classroom, but I have learned how a teacher can be both effective and successfully maintain a happy and fun learning environment. For instance, it is important to establish rapport with students so that they may trust and perhaps be more motivated to learn another language. It is also important to adhere discipline to a classroom, so that students remain respectful and courteous to their peers and teachers.As far as I am concerned after studying this lesson about modal auxiliary verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs, I believe that phrasal verbs are the most difficult part to teach and to learn when you are not an English speaker. Therefore, I consider that the unit could include not only more theory about the types of phrasal verbs but also include a list of each of them. Furthermore, it would be very helpful to add more teaching advices with examples of activities or a plan lesson.