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This unit explained the basics of pronunciation and phonology and how to effectively teach this in class. Because a single word can have a different meaning or message depending on how the speaker stresses the word, it is important to train students to be able to understand the subtle changes in intonation. As for pronunciation, it is essential for students to practice peer dictation, listening and watching how the teacher pronounces a word/phrase, carry out fun tongue twister activities to practice their speaking and so on.This unit covers the four aspects of the present tense, ie simple, continuous, perfect and the perfect continuous. I have to admit that this unit made me really think. As a native speaker, we say the different forms without a second thought, yet when going through the various examples and test questions, I found myself second guessing myself. This unit has been an incredibly useful one and having the forms spelt out before me as well as the rules, will be invaluable when tutoring students on tenses and grammar in general.