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There are many different ways of evaluating students? language this can be through the use of tutorials, tests and evaluation by other students. There are also many reasons for assessing students, at times it is for the purpose placing students in the correct language class and other times it is to check their progress. The assessment process can take many forms which can either be formal or informal depending of the school or teachers preference. Therefore I have learnt the many ways of assessing students.hen we report conditionals and statements that refer to unreal situations, some tenses and modals may change if the reported words are no longer true or are out-of-date. hen we report first conditionals, the following changes may occur: Mark: If we leave now, we can catch the train. Mark said that if we leave now, we can catch the train. (reported simultaneously; we can still catch the train) Mark said that if we left, we could catch the train. (the reported words are out-of-date; the train has already left)